No. 811.
Mr. Russell to Mr. Fish.

No. 31.]

Sir: I have the honor to report that relief has been afforded to many distressed emigrants from the United States by the humanity of Messrs. H. L. Boulton & Co., (Henry Lee Boulton and Francis Schroeder,) of this city.

These gentlemen have generously sent to Philadelphia and New York, at low rates or free of payment, persons who had been induced by false representations to leave the United States for Venezuela, and who found themselves among strangers, destitute, unable to get work, ignorant, of the language, and without means to return home.

This week these gentlemen have kindly given free passage in the A. B. Patterson to a family of three United States citizens who were in utter destitution, and who would have had no resource, except the charity extended to common beggars, but for the generosity of these liberal merchants.

It has seemed to me proper to make this record of the kindness extended to our distressed fellow-citizens.

I am, &c,