No. 782.
Mr. Babbitt to Mr. Fish.

No. 110.]

Sir: I have the honor to inform the Department that a telegram was received yesterday, dated June 29, by the English consul-general here, from Sir Samuel Baker; in which he announces his safe arrival at Khartoum with all the other Europeans, and the complete success of the expedition, which had conquered and pacified the country as far as the equator.

A dispatch from the governor-general of the Soudan to the Egyptian government confirms the news of the safe arrival at Khartoom of Baker and his expedition, and adds that an English engineer (probably Mr. Higgiubotham) had died at Gondokoro.

I have reason to believe that the Egyptian government does not regard the success of this expedition as assured so completely as the dispatch from Sir Samuel Baker would indicate.

I have, &c,