No. 76.
Mr. Williamson to Mr. Fish.

No. 54]

Sir: I have the honor to inform you that on my return here I found that President Barrios, with two of his chief ministers and his counselor of state, accompanied by a small military escort, had gone to the borders of Honduras and Salvador to confer with President Gonzalez, of Salvador, in regard (especially) to the successor to President Arias, of Honduras. It is reported that Arias has consented to vacate his office of President in favor of any one who may be selected by the Presidents of Salvador and Guatemala. My latest information is that Leiva is likely to be chosen on account of his popularity, although he lacks the military prestige which seems so necessary to a continuance in power in these states, and is supposed not to be in full accord with the political sentiments of Presidents Barrios and Gonzalez. His reputation is that of an honest man, of deliberate judgment, and in favor of the speediest economical reforms of which Honduras is susceptible in her present unhappy financial and industrial condition. He is also reputed to be quite wealthy, as the result of his good sense and prudent management. I propose, as soon as he is inaugurated, and there is some degree of quiet restored in Honduras, to go direct to Comayagua, to present my letter of credence.

I have, &c.,