No. 770.
Mr. Boker to Mr. Fish.

No. 176.]

Sir: I have the honor to transmit herewith a copy of a dispatch from Hugo Hillebrandt, esq., United States consul at Canea, Crete, announcing the successful laying of a telegraphic cable between Alexandria, Egypt, and Sitia, Crete.

I have, &c,


Mr. Hillebrandt to Mr. Boker.

No. 13.]

Sir: I have the honor to report the successful laying of the telegraph-cable from Alexandria to Sitia, the eastern extremity of Crete, under the superihtendency of Mr. Binney, the United States consular agent at Syra, Greece.

From Sitia the cable is connected by overland wire to Candia; from there the already existing cable connects with Canea; from this place a new cable was laid by the [Page 1143] same company to Zante, one of the Ionian Islands, which place connects directly with Brindisi, Italy. The cable is in perfect, working-order, and several messages have already been forwarded from Cairo to England by the Viceroy of Egypt.

The tariff for telegraphing has not been yet published, but it is supposed that from this place to England, for a message of twenty words, one livre sterling will be charged.

I have, &c,

United States Consul.