No. 758.
Mr. Cadivalader to Mr. Stenersen.

Sir: Referring to your communication of March 25 ultimo, in which you inform this Department that, notwithstanding the adverse decision of the Secretary of the Treasury, you had been instructed by your government to make a further effort, diplomatically, to obtain a recognition of the right claimed by the Norse line of steamers plying between Norway and the United States, to an exemption from the payment of tonnage, anchorage, beaconage, and light-house dues in this country similar to that which has been granted to the Belgian steamers pursuant to the provisions of the treaty between the United States and Belgium of July 17, 1858, 1 have the honor to inform you that your request for are-examination of the question having been transmitted to the Secretary of the Treasury, has been acceded to in order that nodoubt may exist of the desire of this Government to carry out with strictness and fidelity every treaty stipulation binding upon it.

The Secretary of the Treasury has informed the Department, by a letter dated October 3 instant, that regarding the provisions of the treaties and the justness and reasonableness of the claim made by the government of Sweden and Norway to the exemption of vessels of that kingdom from the payment of duties, in the United States, for tonnage, anchorage, beaconage, and light-houses, and after a mature consideration of the whole question he is prepared to admit the claim made on behalf of the Norse line of steamers to the exemption in question, and that the proper instructions in the premises will be given.

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This decision of the Secretary of the Treasury rests upon the theory and involves the proposition that in case a line of steamers should be established in the’ future, and during the continuance of the treaty, being vessels of the United States engaged in regular navigation between the ports of the United States and Sweden and Norway, the government of Sweden and Norway will extend Ho such vessels the same exemption from the payment of such duties as the vessels of Sweden and Norway may enjoy in the United States.

Accept, sir, &c,

Acting Secretary.