No. 742.
Mr. Fish to Mr. Bliss.

Sir: At half past three o’clock this afternoon the Spanish minister hands me a notice of which the inclosed is a copy.

I have not time to take the President’s instructions with respect to it and to communicate them to you by this evening’s mail. I therefore inclose the notice, that if it be deemed advisable that any person appear on behalf of this Government you may know at the earliest moment, and may make such inquiry as you shall deem necessary or proper, to cross-examine the witness, &c.

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I will telegraph you in the morning whether the President wishes you to be present.

I had written to the collector of the port for information respecting the Virginius yesterday; possibly he may have some information that may be important in the event of the Government taking part in this examination.

I write in great haste.

Very respectfully, &c,