No. 736.
Mr. Schmitt to Mr. Fish.

No. 107.]

Sir: I have the honor to inclose herewith a list of the captain, Joseph Fry, and crew, captured in the Virginius, who never came to the jail except for a few hours before their execution, ordered by the captain of the port, (commandant of marine, i. e., major of marines,) executed on the 7th day of November, 1873, at 4 o’clock p.m. Yesterday morning the prisoners, ninety-two in all, taken from the steamer Virginius, were conveyed from the city prison to the Morro Castle, and, seeking information, with Capt. D. L. Braine of United States steamer Juniata, of the governor here, he informed us they were sent by his order there, for the health authorities objected to the crowded jail.

This morning at 3 o’clock a.m. these persons were removed on board the Spanish man-of-war Bazan, secretly, by order of the captain-general of Cuba, and conveyed to Cienfuegos, thence by railroad to Havana.

Captain Braine protested against this covert act as contrary to the understanding with him. The governor fell back upon his orders from [Page 1082] superiors. We then visited the hospital, and found ten persons sick there, two of whom claimed to be Americans. The governor informed us that they were all to be sent to Havana as fast as they recovered. The feeling here is intense against Americans. We ought not to be left one day without a vessel of war in port, or probably the vice-consul would be ordered to leave the island by the volunteers or members of the Casino.

The government are now ordering all persons of over twenty-two years of age, residents there, to take arms as volunteers. The organ of the Casino Español in this place has repeatedly called on me, vice-consul, to refute some articles purporting to have been published in the Jamaica and Panama papers regarding Brigadier Burriel; I have not nor do not intend to reply. The three United States ships here intend leaving to-morrow for Key West, to meet Admiral Scott.

I have, &c,


List of crew captured in the Virginius, and who never came to the jail except for a few hours before their execution.

Name. Where from. Married or single. Age Occupation. Remarks.
1. Joseph Fry. United States. Married 47 Captain Of merchant vessel, brought here to the jail by order of the captain of the port, (commandant of the marine, i. e., major of marines;) executed on the 7th, at 4 p.m., same day of arrival in jail.
2. William Baynard do Single. 37 Mate. Do.
3. James Floody England Married. 25 do Do.
4. J. C. Harris. United States. do 45 Miner Do.
5. John N. Bonza Port Principe. do 37 Farmer Do.
6. B. P. Chamberlain New York Single 27 Engineer. Do.
7. Francisco Sotero Trujillo Bayamo do 37 do Do.
8. Edward Day New York Married. 32 do Do.
9. John Williamson United States. Single 35 Oiler. Do.
10. Pefirio Corbison St. Jago, Cuba. do 26 Commerce Do.
11. Pedro Altaro Havana. do 26 Purser’s cl’k Do.
12. Thomas Grigg Barbadoes do 30 Mariner Do.
13. Frank Good Jamaica Married. 37 do Do.
14. Paul Rhumer Ireland. Single 40 Fireman Do.
15. Barney Hewals England do 28 do Do.
16. James Samuel do do 20 Mariner Do.
17. Henry Frank. Barbadoes do 21 Coal-heaver Do.
18. James Read Africa do 40 Fireman Do.
19. Samuel Karel Nassau. Married. 24 Mariner Do.
20. John Brown United States. do 37 do Do.
21. Alfred Hosel. England Single 22 do Do.
22. Walter Frederick Price do do 20 do Do.
23. George Thomas. Jamaica do 22 do Do.
24. Tho. Walter Williams. England Married. 26 Steward Do.
25. Ezequiel Dunham Canary Island. Single 27 Mariner Do.
26. Simon Brown Nassau do 29 Waiter Do.
27. Leopold Thos. La Rose. United States. do 18 Cabin boy Do.
28. Alonzo Arcey Trinidad Married. 38 Farmer Do.
29. William Rose Scotland. Single 23 Mariner Do.
30. John Stewart Saint Martha, Venezuela. do 29 do Do.
31. Henry M. Bond. England Married. 45 do Do.
32. George Thompson do do 36 do Do.
33. Ignacio Dueñas Barranquilla. Single 27 Cook. Do.
34. Antonio Deloyo. Bolivia Widower 30 Mariner Do.
35. José Manuel Ferran Jamaica Single 22 Cook. Do.
36. Ramon Lawamendi Bayamo do 27 Farmer Do.
87. Eusebio Gariza Barranquilla. do 22 do Do.
[Page 1083]

List of the men who came from the Virginius crew to the jail, and who are now living, sent by the captain of the port at the disposal of the governor.

Name. Where from Married or single. Age. Occupation.
1. Charles A. Knight New York Single 21 Engineer.
2. Henry King England Married 27 Do.
3. William Wilson. United States. Single 24 Mariner.
4. Thomas Lindgly Canada. do 18 Do.
5. Charles de Brosse Jamaica do 18 Painter.
6. William Danton do do 17 Tailor.
7. John Pothremont do do 17 Tinsmith.
8. Edward Scott Jamaica, U. S do 16 Do.
9. John Freeman Curaçoa Married. 16 Mariner.
10. Nicholas Cardozo Colombia Single 14 Waiter.
11. Joseph del Espiritu Santo. Jamaica. do 16 Cook.
12. Alfred Parker United States. Married. 31 Mariner.
13. Henry Knight New York Single 16 No profession.
14. Philip Marty Curaçoa. do 20 Assistant engineer.
15. Antonio Constantine do 14 On board of the gunboat Cuba-Española.