No. 70.
Mr. Williamson to Mr. Fish.

No. 36.]

Sir: I have the honor to inclose herewith a certified copy of the proces-verbal of the act of marriage solemnized by me at this legation, on the evening of the 4th instant, between the parties and in the presence of the witnesses therein named.

In my dispatch No. 34 I have entered so fully into this subject, and the proces-verbal so fully discloses the reasons upon which I acted, together with the names of the distinguished witnesses present, that it seems to be unnecessary to say more at present. Whether the marriage is valid or not, I can declare that I have not allowed myself to be made the instrument of caprice, unless I have been grossly deceived by the legal opinion of a distinguished lawyer of this republic. The ceremony, which took place at the legation, was attended by the President, his premier or chief minister, Mr. Samayoa, and minister of foreign affairs, as well as by the British minister and French and Italian chargés d’affaires and other persons named in the certificate or proces-verbal. I have returned a copy to this government, handed an original to the bride, handed a copy to the bridegroom to be sent to his government, send you one herewith, and have filed one in the legation.

This important event of a civil marriage in Guatemala at this legation will, I trust, prove a happy one to the bridal pair as well as the beginning of more liberal legislation upon the subject of marriage than has heretofore been existing in this country.

I have, &c.,


To all to whom these presents may come, greeting:

Be it known that, by virtue of a license granted by his native country, Switzerland, to Guido Gruebler, esq., to have the act of marriage between himself and Miss Elvira del Carmen Sauvat celebrated before a consul of the United States, or by a minister resident or plenipotentiary of the United States of America in Guatemala, and by reason of the fact that the citizens of Switzerland in Guatemala are under the protection of the American legation, and also by reason of the fact that decree No. 105 of the government of Guatemala is construed by the highest officials of the republic to authorize said marriage to be performed by me, and, further, by reason of the fact that the parties referred to in said act of marriage, after having been fully informed by me of all objection that might be made to the validity of this said act, still insist that it should be so celebrated, and furnish me with the opinion of an eminent lawyer of Guatemala, Don Manuel Ramirez, ex-minister of foreign affairs, that said act of marriage would be legal, I proceeded, in the presence of Señor Don J. Rufino Barrios, President of the republic of Guatemala, and in the presence of Don José Maria Samayoa, minister of war and of the department of improvement, and Señor Lic’do Don Marco A. Soto, minister of foreign affairs, and of Mr. Edwin Corbett, minister resident of Her Britannic Majesty, and of Mr. J. Tallien de Cabarrus, chargé d’affaires of France, and of the Duke de Licignano, chargé d’affaires of Italy, and of Mr. Frederick C. Augener, consul of the German Empire, and of Henry Houben, esq., consul of the United States of America, and of Mr. John Morrell, a citizen of the United States, and other persons then present, those specially named herein subscribing their names hereto with me and the said Guido Gruebler, esq., and said Miss Elvira del Carmen Sauvat, to celebrate the act of marriage between said Guido Gruebler, aged 31 years, born the 20th of November, 1842, in St. Gallien Canton, in Switzerland, and said Miss Elvira del Carmen Sauvat, aged [Page 107] 22 years, born in the city of Santiago, Chili, in the month of August, 24th, 1851, both, now residing in the city of Guatemala, in accordance with the forms and rites of the Episcopal Church of the United States, at the legation of the United States in the city of Guatemala, and republic of Guatemala, on the 4th day of October, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy-three, and Independence of the United States the ninety-seventh.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto affixed my signature and seal to three (3) certificates.



J. Rufino Barrios.

J. Ma. Samayoa.

Marco A. Soto.

Edwin Corbett.

J. Tallien de Cabarrus.

G. Anfora Licignano.

Fred. C. Augener.

Henry Houben.

Jno. Morrell.

Minister Resident of United States to Central America.