No. 698.
Admiral Polo to Mr. Fish.

My Dear Mr. Fish: I beg to inclose copy of a telegram I have just received. I do not expect to receive any answer to my telegram of yesterday relating to our conference before to-morrow.

Not wishing to trouble you with a new call, I send you these lines.

Yours, &c,


Secretary of state, Madrid, to Spanish minister at Washington.


(Received 4.10 p.m., November 23, 1873.)

Contradict report in reference to hostile manifestations against the American minister. General Sickles is treated with consideration and respect.

Some intemperance of language, but the monarchical press was promptly silenced by the threat of immediate punishment.

The minister of the colonies reports from Havana that the restoration of embargoed property to American citizens is diligently proceeded with.