No. 692.
The minister of state to the minister plenipotentiary at Washington.


(Received November 17, 11.45 p.m.)

Be pleased to inform the honorable Hamilton Fish that the government of Spain, always respecting law and international usages, is disposed to make amends for any violation of either which may have been committed in the case of the Virginius; its honor, however, and the integrity [Page 979] of those principles forbid its adopting a final resolution until all the circumstances which determined the capture shall be known, for it feels sure that if this capture was made in conformity to law, the Government of the United States will approve it, together with its legitimate consequences, just as that of the Spanish Republic, in the contrary event, will hasten to give such satisfaction as may be required to make amends for the interests which have been injured, and to soothe the national susceptibility, which in that case will have been justly alarmed.