No. 602.
General Sickles to Mr. Fish.


Conference appointed for this afternoon adjourned by minister, because he had received at a late hour last night information from the captain-general that forty-nine of the persons on board the Virginius had been shot on the 7th and 8th instant. Mr. Carvajal said he communicated this report to me with profound regret. President Castelar had shown the deepest feeling in view of this intelligence. It appears the order of this government, sent on the 6th, did not reach Havana until the 7th, and could not be transmitted to Santiago in time to prevent what was done. General Jovellar says he will stop any more slaughter. Further reports called for at two this morning, and I am promised explanations as soon as they can be given. The Madrid papers of last evening and this morning announce that fifty executions had taken place.