No. 546.
General Sickles to Mr. Fish.

No. 901.]

Sir: I have the honor to forward herewith a translation of a note from Mr. Sagasta, dated 5th instant, announcing the organization of an executive authority in place of the late government. On the receipt of your instruction by cable, yesterday, authorizing official relations with the minister of state, I addressed a reply to his excellency, a copy of which is annexed.

I am, &c,

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[Inclosure 1 in No. 961.—Translation.]

Mr. P. Sagasta to General Sickles.

(Received January 6, 1874.—7.20 p.m.)

Sir: In consequence of the events which occurred in this capital oh the morning of the 3d instant, and which you already know, the executive power of the republic has constituted itself in the following form: President, Don Francisco Serrano y Dominguez; minister of grace and justice, Don Christino Martos; of war, Don Juan Zavala; of finance, Don José de Echegaray; of the navy, Don Juan Bautista Topete y Carballo; of the interior, Don Eugenio Garcia Ruiz; of public works, Don Tomas Maria Masquera; of the colonies, Don Victor Balaguer, and of state the undersigned.

The executive power reserves to itself a full explanation to the governments of friendly powers, of the causes which rendered necessary the resolution adopted by the superior military authority of Madrid, in view of the grave peril which menaced liberty and social order after the vote of censure passed by the Chamber against the policy of the ministry presided over by Mr. Castelar.

The general opinion of the country has welcomed with joy the act of salvation whereby our gallant army hastened opportunely to the defense of all the interests of society and of the country, without having to lament the slightest conflict between the military forces and the ever-sensible population of the capital.

In acquainting you with the formation of the executive power, I have the honor, as a member thereof, to offer you the assurances of my most distinguished consideration.


The Minister Plenipotentiary
Of the United States of America.

[Inclosure 2 in No. 961.]

General Sickles to Mr. Sagasta.

Sir: I have had the honor to receive from your excellency a note dated the fifth instant, announcing the present organization of the executive power of the Spanish republic. The communication has been made known by cable to my Government, in order that my action, in view of the events to which your excellency refers, may be guided by the instructions of the President.

In acknowledging the receipt of the information conveyed tome by your excellency I avail myself of the occasion to offer to your excellency assurances of my most distinguished consideration.


His Excellency Don Praxedes Mateo Sagasta, Minister of State.