No. 3.
Mr. White to Mr. Fish.

No. 29.]

Sir: An attempt to assassinate the President of this Republic was recently made, the assassins firing upon him while passing through the streets in his carriage at 9 o’clock in the evening. He escaped unhurt, however, and the men who made the attempt, two Italians, (brothers, by the name of Guerri,) were arrested, one of them confessing their guilt and stating that they were employed by a person unknown to them.

It is the general belief that the crime was instigated by persons concerned in the rebellion in Entre Rios.

Shortly after the occurrence, I called upon the President and officially congratulated him upon his escape. He expressed the opinion that the attempt was dictated by the malice of “anti-progresistas”—men who are opposed to the general education of the people and their advancement in civilization, the energetic advocacy of which has rendered him obnoxious to this class; but felicitated himself upon the progress already made, and the certainty of the complete triumph of this essential principle of republicanism, which the death of no one man could materially retard.

I have, &c.,