No. 479.
Mr. Foster to Mr. Fish.

No. 136.]

Sir: On yesterday I addressed the minister of foreign affairs a note, at the request of Lieutenant-Commander F. M. Green, of the steamer Fortune, of the United States Navy, asking that the Mexican government would issue such orders as might be necessary to facilitate the survey of the Mexican coast of the Gulf of Mexico, for which service said steamer had been detailed by the Navy Department. I also, by appointment, introduced to the President of the republic, Lieutenant Samuel Belden, U. S. N., of said steamer, who visited the legation under orders of Lieutenant-Commander Green. President Lerdo very heartily approved of the survey ordered by the Navy Department, and assured Lieutenant Belden that all necessary instructions would be given to both the civil and military authorities along the coast to promote the objects of the service in which the Fortune was engaged. And under date of yesterday the minister of war and marine inclosed to this legation an open letter to Lieutenant-Commander Green, authorizing him to land at such points on the coast as he should think necessary and establish signals; and directing the military authorities at the various ports to facilitate the survey.

The President, in the same interview, expressed his pleasure at being able to bear testimony to the uniform courtesy and good conduct and scrupulous observance of Mexican laws and regulations on the part of the officers of the United States Navy in their visits to the ports of the republic.

I am, &c.,