No. 459.
Mr. Foster to Mr. Fish.

No. 93.]

Sir: Referring to my dispatch No. 91, January 7, transmitting a copy of the report of the Mexican minister of finance, I desire to direct your attention to the fact that although the report purports to set forth both the foreign and internal debt of the republic, there is no classification or mention of the bonds issued by the republican government during the war of intervention and sold in the United States, and which I am informed are mainly, if not entirely, held by citizens of the United States. Deeming the omission an important one, on the 27th day of December last I personally and informally inquired of Mr. Mejia, minister of finance, as to its cause; whereupon the minister informed me that a portion of these bonds were included in the statement of the public internal debt, though not specifically mentioned, and that the others were not included, for the reason that they had not yet been classified. He promised, however, to have prepared immediately a statement of all the outstanding bonds of the character referred to, which he would send to me by the 29th ultimo, but up to the date of closing this dispatch such statement has not been received by me.

Inquiries have been made of me by citizens of the United States holding some of these bonds, but, in the absence of any instructions from your Department, I have not felt authorized to address the Mexican government upon the subject. No interest has been paid upon the bonds for a number of years.

I am, &c.,