No. 43.
Mr. Jones to Mr. Fish.

No. 269.]

Sir: In accordance with the instructions contained in your dispatch No. 176, of the 17th of June last, I to-day addressed a note to Count d’Aspremont Lynden giving formal notice of the termination of the treaty concluded between the United States and the King of the Belgians on the 17th of July, 1858, and inclosing at the same time a certified copy of the resolution expressing the sense of Congress on that subject, copies of which I inclose herewith.

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This note was delivered by me, at noon to-day, to Count Borchgrave, Chef de Cabinet, Count d’Aspremont being absent from the city.

I took occasion to assure Count de Borchgrave that the notice was only given because it had become necessary for my Government to abrogate the fourth and thirteenth articles of the treaty; that these articles, in their practical operation, and under the favored-nation clause in the treaties with the Hanseatic republics, work a discrimination against our commercial marine, and in favor of foreign vessels, and are giving considerable trouble; that the United States have no desire to disturb the rest of the treaty, and that should the Belgian government prefer to agree to the abrogation of these articles, leaving the rest of the treaty to stand, I should be authorized to sign a new treaty embracing the other remaining articles.

I have, &c.,


Mr. Jones to Count d’Aspremont Lynden.

Sir: Under instructions from the Government of the United States I have the honor to transmit to your excellency a certified copy of a joint resolution of the Congress of the United States, approved by the President on the 17th of June, 1874, in regard to the termination of the treaty concluded between the United States and His Majesty the King of the Belgians on the 17th of July, 1858.

I have the honor to further inform your excellency that I am directed to notify His Majesty’s government that as it is considered to be no longer for the interest of the United States to continue the said treaty in force, it will terminate and be of no further effect, as provided by the terms of the instrument, at the expiration of twelve months from the date of the reception by your excellency of this note.

I pray, &c.,


His Excellency Count d’Aspremont Lynden,
Minister of Foreign Affairs, &c., &c., &c.