No. 418.
Mr. Bingham to Mr. Fish.

No. 41.]

Sir: I have the honor to transmit herewith a copy of the speech of felicitation addressed to the Tenno by the diplomatic body, through their dean, Sir Harry S. Parkes, at the audience granted them by His Majesty on New Year’s day, and also a copy of the Tenno’s reply.

I am, &c.,

[Inclosure 1 in No. 41.]

Address of the foreign representatives to the Mikado on the new year , 1874.

Sire: In the name of the foreign representatives accredited to Your Majesty’s court, I beg to convey to Your Majesty our united congratulations on the occasion of the year now commencing, and to express our sincere hope that it may be marked throughout its course by much personal happiness to Your Majesty and by increasing prosperity to your country.

Your Majesty will doubtless have learned with satisfaction from your embassadors, who have lately returned to Japan, how friendly are the sentiments which are entertained toward Your Majesty by our respective sovereigns and rulers, and how cordially [Page 660] they desire that, by the removal of all barriers to free intercourse in the interior of your country between their respective subjects and citizens and those of Your Majesty, the fullest advantage may be derived from the happy relations which already exist between Japan and their respective states. We feel satisfied that these wishes are reciprocated by Your Majesty, and we therefore trust that the efforts of Your Majesty’s government will be entirely directed to the advancement of measures which are calculated to promote so desirable an object, and to permit the natural expansion of those material interests which form the closest bond of union between states.

[Inclosure 52 in No. 41.—Translation.]

Reply of the Tenno to the address of the foreign representatives.

I am highly rejoiced at the felicitations which, on the occasion of this new year, have been made to me by the representatives of the friendly powers on my own happiness and the prosperity of my country. I felicitate the sovereigns and presidents of the freindly powers on their happiness and the prosperity of their respective countries. I trust that the amicable relations of my country and the friendly powers will be rendered closer by the public law of mutual intercourse.