No. 394.
Mr. Fish to Count Corti.

Count: I have the honor to acknowledge the reception of the note which you did me the honor to address to me, of the date of the 27th of April last, referring to the alleged vagrancy of Italian children, and the false inducements under which they are taken from their native land, and inclosing an act promulgated by the Italian Parliament on the 25th December last.

This government cordially unites with that of Italy in the hope that that government may, by the means of this act and the energetic enforcement of its most commendable determination to suppress the traffic in these poor children referred to in your note, succeed in arresting the very inhuman practices which the Italian government so strongly condemns.

With respect to your suggestion, that the efficacy of the law referred to would be considerably increased if foreign governments would co-operate in its execution, I am at loss to know how, practically, the co-operation [Page 633] of this government can be made available for the execution within Italian territory of a municipal law declaring punishments against internal offenses.

But if your excellency will suggest any mode within the proper functions of this government whereby it can aid in arresting the serious wrong against humanity which your government is aiming to terminate, its consideration will be entertained with every desire for the attainment of the object to which the efforts of your government are being directed.

I avail, &c.,