No. 381.
Mr. Bassett to Mr. Fish.

No. 316.]

Sir: Referring to my No. 309, of the 21st ultimo, I have the honor to state that the elections for members of the Constituent Assembly have been progressing quietly during the past two weeks in the different communes of the republic, and that there now seems scarcely a doubt of General Domingue’s prompt election to the presidency on the assembling of that body the 10th instant. So far as I have personal knowledge of those chosen by these elections for the important work of providing “for the election of the President of Hayti” and of making “a constitution in accord with the customs and aspirations of the Haytian people,” I feel bound to say that they are of the most respectable and intelligent of the citizens of this country. For instance, of the six chosen from this arrondissement, five are ex-secretaries of state, and the other an ex-senator.

Indeed, I begin almost confidently to hope now for peaceful times and improved prosperity to the republic of Hayti in the near future, though it must be said that the drift and end of political action in this country are often mysterious and almost past finding out.

I am, &c.,