No. 379.

No. 312.]

Sir: Referring to my No. 309, of the 21st instant, I have the honor to state that late in the afternoon of that day Ex-President Nissage Saget, looking much worn and haggard, left the national palace, and, accompanied by a large escort of citizens, marched on foot, arm in arm with General Domingue, through long lines of the military drawn up to do him honor, to the landing-place at the seaboard, where, after taking an affectionate leave of many of his intimate friends, he embarked for his home at Saint Marc on board the Haytian war-steamer Mont Organisé, with his family and all his personal effects, amid the roar of saluting cannon from the neighboring forts and the expression of many good wishes for his future personal welfare.

No such fact as the voluntary retirement of a chief of state and his open embarkation for his home amid the plaudits of his countrymen has ever before transpired in the history of Hayti, and I hope that the precedent established in this instance may prove a salutary one for the future of this, in some sense, sorely afflicted country.

I am, &c.,