No. 368.
Mr. Bassett to Mr. Fish.

No. 280.]

Sir: I have gathered information that, in consequence of certain proceedings taken in September or October last by the authorities of Puerto Plata, Santo Domingo, touching a small English vessel of Turk’s Island, called the Invincible, and commanded by a Mr. Coxe, Earl Granville has, upon a representation of the case made to him by the governor of Jamaica, instructed my colleague, the British minister, who is also Her Britannic Majesty’s chargé d’affaires to Santo Domingo, to investigate the occurrences complained of, with the view, as I understand, of pressing, if the result should warrant it, a demand for indemnity upon the government of that republic.

The allegations, as they have been repeated to me, are, in brief, that, at the date indicated, the Invincible went to Puerto Plata for a cargo of fruits; that when she was ready for sailing several persons, some three or more, were, as passengers, rowed to her in the boat belonging to the port-officials; that shortly afterward the government authorities boarded the vessel, interdicted her from putting to sea, seized the alleged passengers, who were, I believe, citizens of Santo Domingo, arrested the master, and imprisoned him in a filthy prison for one day; and that, in consequence of the delay incurred by these proceedings, the cargo of fruits sustained serious damage.

My colleague, to whom the case has been referred, is still absent from his post of duty here on his tour of the neighboring republic, to which reference is made in my No. 278, of the 23d ultimo. But I will endeavor to learn in due time the final steps that may be resolved upon in this matter, with the view of putting all the essential facts of it in possession of the Department.

I am, &c.,