No. 30.
Mr. Mathews to Mr. Fish.

No. 142.]

Sir: I have the honor to inform you that a meeting of the foreign representatives took place at Tangier on the 21st instant to take into consideration the disturbed state of the province of Tangier. The meeting was held at the residence of the Spanish minister.

Attention was drawn to the state of anarchy which for two months past has existed in this province, the authority of the pasha being practically null outside the walls of the town of Tangier. It was pointed out that the preservation of the public peace for any length of time was most uncertain; that any untoward incident might at any moment occur to disturb it; that crimes and acts of violence had been committed with impunity, and that it was notorious that the pasha had no force at his disposal to put down any insurrectionary movement that may take place. Allusion was also made to the neighboring province of Anjera, which is without governor, and is also fax from being in a satisfactory state.

It was unanimously decided that the time had come when some steps should be taken by the foreign representatives to bring the critical state of the country to the notice of the Sultan’s government, and with this view it was agreed that an identical note should be presented by each representative to the Moorish minister for foreign affairs. The note was drawn up by Señor Patxot, the Spanish minister, and after undergoing a few slight alterations, was accepted by all the representatives.

I have the honor to inclose herewith a translation of this note, which in concert with the other foreign representatives I have this day addressed to Cid Mohamed Bargash, and I hope it will meet with your approval.

I have, &c.,

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Mr. Mathews to the minister of foreign


* * * * * * *

The serious nature of the circumstances which are occurring in this country compels me to call your attention, in a friendly manner, to the unsafe state in which this country has remained for some time past. The Christian powers see with astonishment the repeated and scandalous acts of violence by which the public tranquillity is placed in jeopardy, and the impunity with which crimes and frequent acts of violence are allowed to pass without the authorities of the Sultan’s government applying an opportune remedy, a state of things which gives grounds for suspecting a culpable apathy, for whose consequences you will be responsible.

Further patience is impossible in view of the insurrection at present existing in this province, and people are grieved to see that the authorities do nothing to terminate this dangerous state of things, which is a constant menace to the public peace.

It is necessary that an end be put immediately to this state of things. I therefore request that you lose no time in bringing this letter to the notice of his sheriffian majesty, in which I protest against the state of anarchy in which this country is left, and I request, in the name of my government, that you apply a prompt remedy to this; deplorable-state of things, which no nation can any longer see or accept with indifference. It is necessary that without any loss of time you take measures to cause your authorities to be respected and obeyed, aiding them for this purpose with sufficient force and means, or else that you change them for others who have the power to govern. And know that I render you responsible for all harm and prejudice that may accrue to the citizens or the interests of the nation which I have the honor to represent. Thus you will avoid endless complications and preserve the friendship and high esteem of all the Christian powers, who have full confidence in the wisdom of His Majesty the Sultan, that he will find a remedy for this lamentable state of things with promptitude and energy.

Peace and friendship.