No. 262.
Mr. Fish to Mr. Bancroft.

No. 666.]

Sir: Your dispatch of the 28th of March, marked “Separate,” in relation to the presentation by you at the courts of Bavaria, Wurtemberg, Baden, and Hesse of letters of recall on the occasion of your retirement from the post at Berlin, has been received, and the subject has been carefully considered.

On examination of the precedent established in the case of Mr. Wheaton, who while minister at Berlin was empowered to conclude treaties with other German states, it is found that it was not deemed expedient at that time to authorize Mr. Wheaton to present special letters of recall. The Department regards the decision then made as correct, and adheres to it in the present case.

Letters of recall to the Emperor of Germany are inclosed, and in presenting them you will express to the Emperor the satisfaction with which the President entertains the conviction that your mission has tended to cement the cordial relations of amity and good feeling which he desires to maintain and preserve between two powers which have become kindred in every sense of the word.

I am, &c.,