No. 259.
Mr. Bancroft to Mr. Fish.

No. 577.]

Sir: In reply to your instruction No. 650, received on the 8th of March, I have the honor to state that I at once addressed a note of inquiry [Page 442] to the acting minister of foreign affairs of Würtemberg as to the truth of the statement that a criminal named Rohrer had been offered a pardon upon condition of emigration to America.

I send you to-day a translation of the reply of the acting minister, Count von Uxkull, which seems to convey an explicit denial not only as to the case reported, but in general as to any practice of granting such pardons in Würtemberg.

I shall therefore, unless otherwise instructed, not pursue the matter further.

I remain, &c.,


Mr. Von Uxkull to Mr. Bancroft.

His excellency the envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary, Mr. Bancroft, has been pleased, in his esteemed note of the 9th of this month, to express to the undersigned the wish to receive more exact information respecting a statement contained in the Ulmer Schnellpost, that a criminal by the name of Rohrer, condemned for triple murder, had received a pardon upon condition of emigration to America.

The undersigned has not failed to request of the royal ministry of justice information on the subject, and has the honor, as the result of his inquiry, to communicate to his excellency that neither to a criminal by the name of Rohrer, nor to any other criminal condemned for murder, has a pardon under condition of emigration to America been either offered or granted; and, moreover, that pardons on this condition are not granted.

The undersigned has the honor respectfully to add that possibly the statement in question may have confounded the case of Johannes Roser, of Laupheim, condemned to imprisonment for eighteen years, to whom, after serving out the half of this term, in consideration of his exemplary conduct in the prison, and upon occasion of the birthday of His Majesty, the remainder of his sentence was by royal decree of the 4th of this month remitted upon condition of permanent absence from the German Empire.

The undersigned takes with pleasure this occasion to renew the assurance of his most distinguished consideration.

For the minister of foreign affairs.

The Counselor of State,