No. 22.
Baron Lederer to Mr. Fish.


Mr. Secretary of State: The imperial and royal government has or some time projected the holding of an international meeting, with a view to ascertaining whether, according to scientific experiments, the quarantine system furnishes sufficient security against the introduction of the cholera, and, if so, what measures might most advantageously be [Page 34] adopted by the governments there represented for the purpose of arresting the progress of this epidemic.

The recent appearance of the cholera in almost all the countries of Europe has caused this question to become one of great practical importance, and the data furnished by the international congress of physicians which met at Vienna in 1873 will be of great value as a basis for the discussion of the measures best adapted to secure the realization of the project in question.

Before proceeding further, however, the imperial and royal government would be glad to be made acquainted with the views of foreign cabinets on this subject, and has therefore instructed me to bring the matter to your notice, Mr. Secretary of State, begging you, at the same time, to be pleased to inform me whether the Government of the United States is disposed to take part in the above-mentioned discussions.

Be pleased, &c.