No. 20.
Mr. Fish to Mr. Jay.

No. 434.]


Sir: I transmit herewith, for your information, a copy of the instructions mentioned in the subjoined list which have been addressed to John A. Bingham, esq., the minister of the United States in Japan, relating to the subject of co-operative action between the ministers of the United States and those of other western powers in that country.

I also inclose a copy of an instruction of the 26th of August last, No. 409, and of its inclosures, addressed to George F. Seward, esq., the consul-general of the United States at Shanghai; also a copy of an instruction to Mr. Bingham, No. 43, dated the 6th of June last; both being in relation to citizens of the United States connected with the Japanese expedition to Formosa, or who may enter the military or naval service of a foreign power.

I am, &c.,



Mr. Fish to Mr. Bingham, No. 35, April 20, 1874. (Extract.)
Mr. Fish to Mr. Bingham, No. 65, August 26, 1874, with an accompaniment.
Mr. Fish to Mr. Seward, No. 409, August 26, 1874, with two accompaniments.
Mr. Fish to Mr. Bingham, No. 43, June 6, 1874.
  1. For this correspondence see under China and Japan, infra.