No. 209.
Mr. Wing to Mr. Fish.

No. 356.]

Sir: Herewith I have pleasure in forwarding a plan of the survey of a high-road from Quito over the Andean crests to the bay of Caraques, on the Pacific coast, made by two young New York engineers, (Messrs. Rogers and Millet.) The road thus far is a great success, and will be supplemented by a railway at an early day. It will open one of the richest and most productive sections of Ecuador to easy traffic, and will soon establish a very important port upon the Pacific seaboard. It will also do away with the long and dangerous journey over Chimborazo so soon as it is completed, which will be within a few months.

The railway in process of construction from Milagro to Sibambe, and there connecting with the great highway to Quito, is being vigorously pressed under the direction of Mr. Henry McClellan, of New York, assisted by two young engineers, (Messrs. Curtis and Merrill) of the same State.

The high-road from Quito to Esmeraldas is also under the supervision of Mr. Saltar, of New York.

The material development of Ecuador promises well in the hands of the present progressive and capable President.

All this work has been done since my arrival in this country in June, 1870; and I am gratified that it will stand as a testimonial of educated American skill, science, and persistent energy.

This city has also been greatly improved in all respects within the past three years, and is now, I judge, the cleanest and best paved and watered capital in South America.

I have, &c.,