Mr. Herrera to Mr. Hassaurek .


The government of the undersigned has received with deep regret the communication of your excellency, dated Guayaquil, May 15, informing the undersigned that on the fatal night of the 14th of April, and almost at the same hour when the President of the United States was assassinated, an attempt was made by an unknown individual to assassinate his excellency William H. Seward, Secretary of State of the United States, but that fortunately, by the protection of Divine Providence, his life was saved, and that, though wounded by the assassin, he was already considered out of danger; also that for the time being the honorable William Hunter has taken charge of the department of foreign relations.

The undersigned entertains the most fervent wishes for the recovery of his excellency William H. Seward, and for the preservation of order and peace in the powerful republic of the United States.

Availing himself of this opportunity, &c., &c.


His Excellency the Minister Resident Of the United States of America.