President Garcia Moreno to Mr. Hassaurek.


The fatal news which arrived by yesterday’s mail has produced a profound and painful impression on me. Never should I have thought that the noble country of Washington would be humiliated by such a black and horrible crime; nor should I ever have thought that Mr. Lincoln would come to such a horrible end, after having served his country with such wisdom and glory under so critical circumstances.

Although the minister has already written to you officially to manifest to you the grief which we all feel for the lamentable loss the great republic has sustained, I wanted to write to you individually, as a friend and as an American, to unite my regret with yours and that of all righteous and honorable men.

I am your affectionate friend and obedient servant,


His Excellency F, Hassaurek,
U. S. Minister Resident, &c., &c., &c.