Mr. Herrera to Mr. Hassaurek .


The undersigned, minister of exterior relations of the republic of Ecuador, has received and communicated to his excellency the President your excellency’s note of the 15th instant, in which your excellency informs the undersigned of the death of his excellency Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States, who was assassinated in the city of Washington on the 14th April, and that in consequence of this deplorable event his excellency Andrew Johnson, Vice President of the United States, has succeeded to the Presidency.

Such a lamentable and painful event has filled the Ecuatorian people and government with the deepest grief, because of the cordial and sincere sympathies which they have entertained and do entertain for the powerful republic of the Union; and to manifest their condolence, the government of the undersigned has ordered that all the officers and employés of the republic shall wear mourning for three days, during which time the flag of the republic shall be displayed at half-mast.

The undersigned avails himself of this opportunity, &c., &c.


His Excellency the Minister Resident Of the United States of America.