Governor of the State of Panama


united states of colombia—presidency of the sovereign state of panama, no. 4.

Sir: Your note of yesterday, imparting to me the official information of the death of his Excellency Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States of America, would have produced the most heartfelt and painful feelings of surprise, if I had not already became aware through the press, by private letters, and by the loud and public expressions of sympathy in this city, of this most lamentable occurrence.

I was sir, one of the first to receive the sad news, and without loss of time, I directed the flag of Colombia to be unfurled at half-mast for the period of one week, to demonstrate the lively sympathy with which will be received the news of this event throughout the territory under my jurisdiction, as well as the rest of this republic.

The untimely and cruel death of Abraham Lincoln by the assassin’s hand is a great calamity, fallen not alone on the eminent nation of whom he was the chief, but also upon humanity at large, who must and will yield their tribute of admiration to the eminent virtue which adorned the illustrious man. I consider myself greatly honored in uniting my voice with those of his compatriots, who so sincerely deplore their great and irreparable loss.

To-morrow at noon I shall, in union with the principal officers of the State, comply with the sad duty of paying you a visit of condolement at the lament able event.

In the mean time permit me once more the honor of subscribing myself your obedient servant,


The Consul of the United States of America.