Consul of Peru

Consul: The virtues of Abraham Lincoln, late President of the United States of America, were so prominent, that the news of his tragic death could not have been received otherwise than with feelings of sincere sorrow.

His constancy and firmness in bringing to a happy end one of the greatest of rebellions of the civilized world, made his life precious and inestimable to the American nation, which deserves the sympathy of all for this unfortunate event.

The government and people of Peru will lament this deplorable event, and I am sure will be filled with the same lively sympathy which I now have the honor to express to you, in replying to those words of kindness with which you have honored me in your official communication of yesterday.

Allow me to offer the affectionate considerations with which I have the honor to be, your humble and obedient servant,


Peruvian Consul.

A. R. McKee, Esq.,
United States Consul.