Convention of the State of Bolivar

Resolution of the convention of the sovereign state of Bolivar to the memory of the excellent and illustrious citizen Abraham Lincoln, twice President of the United States of America.

The convention of the sovereign state of Bolivar recalls with profound feelings of gratitude and respect the great and eminent services rendered to the cause of liberty and independence to the human race, and particularly to the descendants of Ham, the populator and civilizer of Africa, by the enlightened and illustrious citizen Abraham Lincoln, who was twice elected President of the United States of America.

The convention laments, with tokens of public mourning, the sad event of the 14th of April last, when the honest and upright woodsman was assassinated—a man who by industry and the study of law reached the high position of President and savior of the American Union, by the votes of his fellow citizens—and requests the towns, as well as the inhabitants of the state, to organize funeral ceremonies in commemoration of the unfortunate event.

Let this be communicated to the executive power that he may make it known to the town authorities of the state, to the consul of the United States of America in this city, and to the minister of that nation in Bogota.

Moved in the convention by the following members, from the provinces of Magangue, Mompos, Lorica, Carmen, Sincelejo, Sabanalarga, Baranquilla, Chinu, Cartajena, and Corozal:
C. Benedeti, R. Santodomingo Vila, J. D. Carmen Bula, Francisco de P. Ribon, Juan N. Ballesteros, Fernando Sanches, Ramon Torres Anjel, Manuel C. Bello, Manuel Espinosa, Facundo Madrid, Pablo Hernandez, Manuel N, Nuñez, jr., Pedro A. Polo, Avelino Manotas, José Martin Blanco, J. Anjel Benavides Z., A. Samper Llanos, M. Antonio Pineda, Ignacio Navas, M. M. de Bustos, Celso de la Puente, E. G. Carazo, Juan Manuel Grau.
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The above resolution was unanimously approved by the members present at the session of to day.


Secretary of the Convention.
A true copy:

Secretary General of State.