President of the State of Bolivar


united states of colombia—sovereign state of bolivar—the presidents of the state.

No. 27]

Sir: The sudden and violent death of the citizen Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States of America, was an event so unhappy that it could not otherwise than have produced a deep sensation in the minds of the people of this capital, justly and truly expressed in the resolution of the constituent assembly, which the undersigned has the honor to send to your excellency, duly authenticated by the secretary general of the state.

In performing the very honorable duty of serving as the organ for communicating this resolution to your excellency, the undersigned obeys one of the sincere inspirations of his heart by expressing his particular grief at that sad event, whose immense magnitude, arising from the very high importance of the magistrate and citizen, he prays heaven may in no wise affect the flattering future of the great republic.

With sentiments of the most distinguished consideration the undersigned has the honor to subscribe himself his excellency’s attentive and obedient servant,


His Excellency Allan A. Burton, &c., &c., &c.