Consul General of Venezuela


It has been with the deepest pain that the undersigned has received the official note addressed him to-day by the honorable Allan A. Burton, minister resident of the United States of America, announcing the death of the enlightened citizen Abraham Lincoln, late President of the Union, and signifying the hope that the flag of Venezuela may be raised at half-mast on to-morrow on this consulate, as a sign of grief for that calamity, and in honor to the memory of the deceased.

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For days past the undersigned has lamented, as a great misfortune to republican America, the tragic and unexpected death of President Lincoln; and faithfully interpreting the sentiments of his nation and government, he will, on his part, contribute to the demonstration of grief and horror indicated by the honorable Mr. Burton, by hoisting at half-mast on the consulate general of the United States of Venezuela the flag of said republic.

The undersigned improves the occasion to reiterate to the honorable Mr. Burton the assurances of personal esteem, with which he is his very obedient servant,


Consul General of Venezuela.

Hon. Allan A. Burton,
Minister Resident of the United States of America, &c., &c., &c.