Consul General of Chili


The undersigned, consul general of Chili, has had the honor to receive today the attentive note of the honorable Allan A. Burton, minister resident of the United States of America, by which he is pleased to announce the deplorable and unhappy news of the decease of the illustrious Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States of North America, on the morning of the 15th of April last.

The consul general of Chili partakes cordially and profoundly of the feelings that must have saddened the heart of the honorable Mr. Burton, by reason of the unfortunate event which has deprived his country of the important services which that enlightened man was lending to it, and by which he had won the sympathy and admiration of the civilized world. All humanity prostrates itself before the tomb of that martyr to duty, and the rights of man, to offer to him the just and merited homage of their admiration, respect and gratitude.

The undersigned believes himself the faithful interpreter of the feelings of the Chilian government and people in affirming to the honorable Mr. Burton, that, bound by ties of close friendship with the great republic, they will look upon that never-to-be-sufficiently-deplored event as a great misfortune to a brother people, and that the loved and venerated memory of Mr. Lincoln will ever be associated with the most grateful and, at the same time, the most horrifying recollections.

For its part, this consulate general will perform the sad duty of raising the flag of Chili in the manner desired by his excellency, in commemoration of the mournful event which we all lament, and the undersigned also has the honor to offer personally to the honorable Mr. Burton the most sincere expression of his feelings.

The undersigned improves this occasion to renew to the honorable Allan A. Burton the assurances of the high esteem and respect with which he has the honor to subscribe himself his very obedient servant,


Hon. Allan A. Burton,
Minister Resident of the United States of America, &c., &c., &c.