Mr. Harris to Secretary of State.

No. 21.]

Sir: In my despatch No. 4, dated January 22, I had the honor to inform you of the steps taken by me to insure the arrest and punishment of the murderers of Mr. Heusken, the interpreter to this legation.

Since then I have frequently pressed the Japanese ministers to give me some evidence of the sincerity of their professions.

A large number of persons have been arrested on suspicion, but their complicity [Page 798] in the crime could not be brought home to them; some of them were convicted of other crimes, and have been executed. I am convinced that the Japanese are acting in good faith, and that they earnestly wish to discover and punish the assassins of Mr. Heusken.

I hand you herewith (No. 1) copy and translation of a letter from the minister for foreign affairs, stating that the three Yakonines who attended Mr. Heusken on the night of his murder have been punished for neglect of duty, and also that four guards, who were on duty near the place where Mr. Heusken was assaulted, have also been punished for remissness on. that melancholy occasion.

I have the honor to be, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant,

TOWNSEND HARRIS, Minister Resident in Japan.

Hon. Secretary of State, Washington.


To his Excellency Townsend Harris, minister and plenipotentiary of the United States of America, &c., &c., &c.:

We state to you in writing, in reference to the murder of Mr. Heusken, secretary at your legation, which took place last year, that stringent orders were issued to arrest the criminals, of which we informed you before.

As the escort, however, on that occasion did not act properly, punishment has been awarded to Sudzuki Dzennodzio and six other persons, as stated in accompanying writing.

It is desirable that the foregoing be brought to your notice.

Stated with respect and courtesy.



Translation of sentence.

Sudzuki Dzennodzio, Kondou Nawosaburo, Adzime Konkichi, dismissed the service; they cannot be reinstated, and are not permitted to go out.

Sinkichi, Dzenske, Marorokee, Tatuemon, guards at the guard-house, dismissed the service as guards, and not permitted to serve again in that capacity.

A true translation.

A. L. O. PORTMAN, Interpreter.