45. Telegram From the Department of State to All Diplomatic and Consular Posts1

88344. Inform Consuls. Subject: Falklands Situation Report No. 2.

1. (S–Entire text).

2. Situation in Falkland Islands as of 1000 EST.

3. The Argentine Junta announced at 0815 EST that their military occupation of the Falklands is a complete success. The UK Embassy in Washington has confirmed only that Argentina has launched military operations against the Falklands.

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4. The Secretary has approved revised press guidance which reflects the confirmation of hostilities, deplores Argentina’s resorting to force, and calls on Argentina to immediately withdraw its forces.

5. There are Argentine press reports that the UK ice patrol vessel Endurance has been sunk. The UK Embassy here denies this.

6. The UK Embassy has told us that the Royal Marines on the Falklands are under orders to resist. The Argentines claim the Marines made no resistance. We have no reports as yet of either any fighting or casualties.

7. At Brussels there was a special meeting of the NAC to consider the crisis.2 The UK asked that the Allies weigh in with the Argentines and supported a statement to be issued by SYG Luns urging resistance and non-use of force. In London, Prime Minister Thatcher held an emergency Cabinet meeting this morning.

8. Embassy Buenos Aires reports that there are ten to twenty American citizens on the Falklands.

9. The British Ambassador in Buenos Aires reports that his government is breaking diplomatic relations with Argentina and asking the Swiss to take over its interests.

10. Sitrep 13 not disseminated telegraphically.

  1. Source: Department of State, Central Foreign Policy File, D820176–0038. Secret; Immediate. Drafted by Campbell; cleared by Service; approved in S/S–O.
  2. A summary of the special meeting of the NAC was sent to the Department in telegram 2272 from the Mission to NATO, April 2. (Department of State, Central Foreign Policy File, D820175–0930)
  3. See Document 43.