319. Backchannel Message From Vice President Mondale to the President’s Assistant for National Security Affairs (Brzezinski)1

590. Subject: My First Day of Meetings in Europe

As I mentioned on the phone,2 my first day of meetings went well and received an enthusiastic response. In the morning, I spoke to Prime Minister Tindemans of Belgium, the NATO Council, NATO Secretary General Luns and General Haig. In the afternoon I had indepth discussions with European Commission President Roy Jenkins and the other Commissioners, as well as Dutch Foreign Minister Van der Stoel. On your authority I released my NATO statement, and I also held a press conference.3

The highlights of my conversations are as follows:

[Omitted here is discussion unrelated to non-proliferation.]

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—Non-proliferation: The Dutch Foreign Minister came to Brussels primarily to discuss non-proliferation. The Netherlands is a partner in a consortium with the United Kingdom and West Germany to produce enriched uranium through their own ultracentrifuge process. The Germans want to sell some of this uranium to the Brazilians for use in the reactors provided under the West German-Brazilian nuclear deal.4 The Dutch are considering vetoing this fuel sale, because they want no part of the West German-Brazilian deal to transfer sensitive reprocessing and enrichment technology, however, they are concerned over West German threats to pull out of the consortium if the Dutch veto the sale and are disturbed at the profound political confrontation that might ensue. They therefore were probing for U.S. support. In this connection, they urged the U.S. to adopt the Canadian position on international safeguards (no sale of nuclear fuel unless the purchasing company has all of its nuclear facilities under safeguards).

[Omitted here is discussion unrelated to non-proliferation.]

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