33. Memorandum From the Vice President’s Assistant for National Security Affairs (Clift) to Vice President Mondale1

Memo No. 1655–77


  • Aid to Djibouti

When President Gouled of Djibouti met with you on September 27,2 he asked for immediate US help in dealing with the growing refugee problem caused by the Ogaden war. The State Department has reported that it is taking the following steps to meet his request:

—The State Department is preparing a request for a Presidential Determination to use $150,000 from the emergency refugee fund to purchase tents for use by the refugees.

—An AID–HEW team arrived in Djibouti October 7 to determine what health and other emergency needs are most acute. The team will recommend appropriate US assistance measures.

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—State has authorized PL 480 Title II assistance on an emergency basis. The initial Title II package will include rice, soy-fortified sorghum grits, and vegetable oil. AID’s Office of Food for Peace expects to procure 35 percent of the 4,060 metric ton total within the week.

—In carrying out our relief activities for Djibouti, State is cooperating closely with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The UNHCR is submitting to its executive committee a budget for Djibouti operations of $900,000 for FY 79. We intend to contribute an appropriate amount to any appeal the UNHCR makes.

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  2. See Document 30.