34. Memorandum From the Director of the Policy Planning Staff (Lake) to the Deputy Secretary of State (Christopher)1


  • Attached Memorandum on Human Rights

As per your request at your luncheon, April 2, we have redrafted the S/PD/HA Action Memorandum of March 252 to proceed as a memo directly from you to the Secretary.3

We have adjusted the previous draft in accordance with your comments and suggestions. At the same time, we have preserved most of the original thrust and text which you approved.

The result is a comparatively lengthy document. It is, however, one which we believe is valuable, not only for the Secretary’s reference but also—and this may be crucial for bureaucratic follow-up—as a clear statement to the building of our overall policy and program design. It is, in effect, the bureaucratic or structural companion piece for the much longer S/P background paper on human rights (which itself is based on input from throughout the building and due for wide distribution within the foreign affairs agencies in Washington and to all US posts abroad). We have attached the latter in uncleared form for your reference at this time. (See attachment B.)4

We have retained reference to your interagency coordinating role in both the attached overall memo to the Secretary and the memorandum we propose he send to the President. Since we appreciate your concern about a formal interagency mechanism, we have left the lan [Page 102] guage loose enough to give you latitude in implementation. In light of the recent NSC memo requesting interagency coordination on foreign assistance and human rights,5 the procedure suggested may be the least that the State Department should do in this regard, unless we are prepared to have others assume our legitimate role.

We continue to work on other points raised at your luncheon, including:

—Encouraging D/HA to dispatch tasking memos to the regional and functional bureaus6 so that we can get moving on our full agenda of strategy papers and action plans.

—Sending you, following receipt of final clearances from the regional bureaus, S/P’s final incarnation of a human rights background paper and a guidance cable7 for dispatch to the field.

Finally, we have attached for your possible use a brief cover note from you to the Secretary so that he can be alerted to the major thrust of the long memo and action requested.8

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  2. See Attachment, Document 29.
  3. Attached but not printed is an undated memorandum from Christopher to Vance.
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