229. Memorandum From the President’s Assistant for Domestic Affairs and Policy (Eizenstat) to President Carter 1


  • World Hunger/International Food and Agricultural Policy

This memorandum will comment on the following related matters:

TAB A 1) Your request that I advise on Peter Bourne’s August 26, 1977 memorandum commenting on Secretary Bergland’s excellent August 15 report on International Food and Agricultural Policy;2
TAB B 2) Your comment on our August 30 recommendation that the Secretary of Agriculture form a working group on food and agricultural policy.3 On that recommendation you said the following: “Stu—I don’t like this—Prefer single coordinator (you, Schultze, etc.) with Bourne and all others involved. Subcommittees might be formed to [Page 733]contribute to one Agricultural/Food analysis.”; and
TAB C 3) Peter Bourne’s memorandum of September 14, 1977 proposing that he chair the world hunger working group.4

While in many obvious areas there is an overlap between the world hunger issue and the development of a food and agricultural policy, both foreign and domestic, there are also marked differences.

Thus, in developing a coherent national and international food and agricultural policy it seems clear to me that the Department of Agriculture should be the lead agency because of the technical issues involved—price supports, set-asides, international agricultural agreements, buffer stocks, import quotas, and the like.

With regard to world hunger and Peter’s September 14 memorandum, I have no opinion on whether the world hunger working group should be co-chaired by Peter and NSC, as recommended by NSC and OMB, or simply by Peter. Peter makes a valid point in arguing that NSC leadership would be viewed by some interests as linking the issue to military security.5

It seems to me that this working group, perhaps under Peter, might serve as a subcommittee to the broader food and agricultural policy coordinating committee. This would permit Peter to run the world hunger study but would let the broader and more technical food and agricultural policy issues follow Secretary Bergland’s lead. It would also tie the two activities together.

I have met with Peter6 and he agrees with the suggestion that you form a subcommittee on world hunger with the subcommittee reporting directly to you rather than through the overall committee. Also, I have checked this with Agriculture and they see no problem.

[Page 734]

Assuming you decide to sign the farm bill (signing ceremony now planned for 10:30 a.m. Thursday),7 you might want to announce formation of these groups at the signing ceremony.8

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