120. Memorandum From Hal Horan of the National Security Council Staff to Secretary of State Kissinger, Washington, July 17, 1975.1 2

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July 17, 1975



FROM: Hal Horan

SUBJECT: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for US Security and Overseas Interests: NSSM 200

Attached for your consideration is a memorandum for the President recommending he authorize you to issue a NSDM on world population (Tab A).

The NSDM is based on an interagency response to NSSM 200 which directed a study by the NSC Under Secretaries Committee of the impact of world population growth on US security and overseas interests The study described in the suggested memorandum to the President was to include possible courses of action for the United States in dealing with population matters abroad (Tab C).

The draft NSDM is designed to accomplish several things. First of all, it offers an indication that the President believes US leadership is essential in world population matters. It endorses in general the policy recommendations contained in Secretary Ingersoll’s Executive Summary. It cautions against AID program efforts that are diffuse. It makes the point that the US objective is to work closely with others rather than to seek to impose our view on others and it places strong emphasis on encouraging leaders of key developing countries to support population assistance programs. It states that the recommendation contained in the Executive Summary dealing with an announcement of a US national population goal is outside the purview of the scope of NSSM 200.

The NSSM made certain specific recommendations as to increased funding for population programs, but in our discussion of the subject with OMB and CEQ, we found differing views on funding. A compromise, with which the Deputy Secretary is comfortable, is an instruction in the NSDM that there should be an examination of population assistance approaches to determine which are most cost effective, and a quick review to examine specific recommendations for funding in the population field for the period after FY 1976.

During preparation of the NSSM 200 response, it was also clear that there is need for a strong interagency coordination effort in designing and implementing population assistance programs. All participants in the study, with the exception of AID, were in favor of the Chairman of the NSC Under Secretaries Committee being assigned this coordinating responsibility. AID’s view was that this responsibility should be assigned to the Development Coordination Committee, chaired by the AID Administrator.

I concur in the view of the majority. Secretary Ingersoll played an active role in the study and is prepared to perform the coordinating role. In addition, I understand that consideration is being given in State to the appointment of a senior, highly qualified Foreign Service Officer, to assist Secretary Ingersoll in this task. The NSDM is designed to reflect the majority view.

Finally, the NSDM calls for an initial report to the President within six months from the date of the NSDM on the implementation of this policy, with annual reports thereafter.

There is an ancillary consideration that should be noted. The NSC Staff is currently working with other interested elements of the Executive Offices on a report that has been submitted to the President by the US Commission for the Observance of World Population Year 1975. The key recommendation of that report is that the President appoint a high-level group, either public or private or mixed, to continue to focus attention on population matters. Should the President authorize issuance of the NSDM, the provision of the NSDM setting up an expanded NSC Under Secretaries Committee with concrete responsibilities given its Chairman could serve as an appropriate response to the Commission’s recommendation.

OMB and CEQ concur in the draft NSDM.


That you forward to the President the memorandum at Tab I recommending he authorize the issuance of a NSDM on worldwide population policy.


Tab I - Memo for the President.

  1. Source: Ford Library, National Security Council, Institutional Files, Box 63, NSDM 314 (3). Confidential. Tab A (Tab I) is published as Document 122. Tab C is published as Document 118.
  2. Horan recommended that Kissinger forward to Ford a National Security Decision Memorandum concerning population policy.