76. Telegram 8135 From the Embassy in Bolivia to the Department of State1

8135. Subject: MAP Matériel Program for Bolivia. Ref: State 272585.

1. I appreciate receiving information contained in reftel describing the relationship of the decision memorandum based on the CASP and the decision made by Under Secretary Maw regarding the dates of phaseout of MAP Matériel Grant Program for Bolivia. I am struck, however, by the absence of any discussion in reftel of the amounts of money required to complete the equipping of the five mobile regiments here in either time frame. I am particularly concerned that if the Bureau moves forward with a recommendation for the FY 1977 phaseout without insuring a substantial increase in the grant levels, the US will be in the embarrassing position of being unable to fulfill its commitment. In short, it is not just a question of dates, but it is also the necessary financing to make the phaseout date realistic.

2. My concerns are heightened by the inability of the IG mechanism to have had an impact on the FY 1976 budgetary request for military assistance. The Department has gone forward with a $2.2 million MAP grant matériel request to the Congress for FY 1976 although the IG agreed to a level of $3.3 million. Furthermore, I note newspaper reports that the Congress is contemplating sharp cuts in the FY 1976 security assistance programs. If the shortfall in FY 76 MAP grant matériel for Bolivia is not made up in 76 or 77 and if the FY 77 financial level is not adequate in its initial submission to the Congress, we shall not be able to make good on our commitment to equip five mobile regiments by the FY 77 phaseout date.

3. Accordingly, I request that an addendum to the action memorandum submitted by the Bureau to Under Secretary Maw’s office be supplied in which agreement is sought on the financial levels to make the earlier phaseout date reasonable.

  1. Summary: Ambassador Stedman requested $3.3 million in MAP funding for FY 1976 in order to ensure that the U.S. Government could meet its commitments to Bolivia.

    Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Foreign Policy File, D750403–0198. Confidential. The CASP was transmitted as an enclosure to airgram A–58 from La Paz, April 9. (Ibid., D750064–2116) In telegram 272585 to La Paz, November 18, the Department informed Stedman that the Bolivian MAP program would be phased out in FY 1977. (Ibid., D75041–0441) In telegram 284501 to La Paz, December 3, the Department informed Stedman that it would “make all efforts to provide IG endorsed level of dols 3.3 million,” and that, “in the meantime, MILGP can continue to obligate funds under CRA up to dols 2.2 million level.” (Ibid., D750419–1118)