74. Memorandum for the President’s File, Washington, February 7, 1972.1 2

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February 7, 1972

FROM: Donald Barnes, Interpreter
SUBJECT: Telephone Conversation with President Alejandro Lanusse of Argentina on Monday, February 7, 1972 at 11:15 a.m.

President Lanusse of Argentina
Dr. Henry A. Kissinger

President Lanusse expressed his appreciation to the President for the conversation, and went on to say that the Argentine Government and people fully understood the special significance of the President’s trip to the Peoples Republic of China. The President’s trip was in line with the philosophy of the Argentine Government of breaking down ideological barriers. The Argentine Republic had also made a decision to normalize relations with the PRC.

The President expressed his appreciation for the aforementioned comments, adding that his journey to the PRC would provide a framework for a dialogue between the two countries, but that direct recognition of the PRC would not be an outcome of the trip.

President Lanusse expressed his satisfaction for the progress achieved by the Brignone Mission and his appreciation for the excellent attitude shown by US Government officials. He said that the Mission was of paramount importance, not only because of the contribution it might make to the welfare of Argentina, but also because it would broaden the possibilities of cooperation in Latin America, thus contributing to the effective exercise of democracy and human rights.

The President replied that he was keeping in close touch with Secretary Connally and that he and his government were well aware of the economic problems faced by a strong and old friend, Argentina. He could assure President Lanusse that the US Government would do everything it could to contribute to Argentina’s economic progress.

  1. Source: National Archives, Nixon Presidential Materials, NSC Files, Memos for the President’s File, Beginning February 6, 1972. No classification marking. The call took place at 11:15 a.m. Drafted by interpreter Donald Barnes. The Brignone Mission, headed up by the President of the Central Bank of Argentina, Carlos Brignone, was a group of Argentine officials who worked with U.S. officials and the International Monetary Fund, to coordinate a loan for Argentina. According to telegram 581 from Buenos Aires, January 29, Lanusse requested the call to Nixon on January 28. (Ibid., Box 769, Country Files, Latin America, Argentina 1 September 1970–31 December 1973)
  2. President Lanusse thanked President Nixon for the helpful attitude of U.S. officials working with the Brignone Mission from Argentina. Nixon stated that he would do what he could to help Argentina economically.