391. Telegram 65668 From the Department of State to the Embassy in Haiti, April 30, 1970, 2242Z.1 2

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Department of State 065668
30 April 70 2242Z


1. Please deliver following message from President Nixon to President Duvalier: QUOTE: Dear Mr. President: Para. Your telegram of April 25 with details regarding the mutiny the previous day was brought immediately to the attention of the appropriate authorities of this government for such action as would be warranted under United States laws and procedures. Thank you for this timely and detailed account of a situation which you regarded as threatening international shipping.

Para. The three vessels belonging to the Haitian Coast Guard which mutinied on April 24 put into Guantanamo Naval Base on April 26. These ships have been disarmed and are proceeding to Roosevelt Roads Naval Station, Puerto Rico, escorted by two U.S. Coast Guard cutters and a Navy fleet tug. Upon arrival we shall make your vessels immediately available to [Page 2] you, and I am certain that satisfactory arrangements can be made promptly for personnel of your government to repossess these vessels.

Para. My Ambassador in Port-au-Prince, with whom we have been in close touch, will be in a position to provide your government with information on subsequent U.S. Government actions related to this matter. Richard Nixon END QUOTE.

2. White House does not plan to release, but has no objection should GOH wish to do so. END

  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Files 1970–73, POL 23–9 HAI. Limited Official Use; Immediate. Drafted on April 29 by Robert C. Felder (ARA/CAR/H); cleared by Long, Vaky, S/PRS, and S/S; and approved by Hurwitch.
  2. President Nixon responded to President Duvalier’s April 25 letter, which detailed the Coast Guard mutiny and Haitian allegations of piracy. President Nixon indicated that the ships had arrived at Guantánamo Naval Base and that they were en route to Puerto Rico, where they would be made immediately available for repatriation to the Government of Haiti.