285. Telegram 109195 From the Department of State to the Embassy in the Dominican Republic1 2

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  • Resurgence of Violence


  • Embtels 1653, 1672 and 1689.

1. Rise in incidents of violence since June 26, including particularly shooting incident at home of PRD leader Jose Ares Maldonado (perhaps timed for Pena Gomez visit there) and anonymous threats against Bosch, are deeply disturbing. Prospect for escalation in terrorism and counter-terrorism even more disturbing if military-police campaign being mounted to eliminate “extreme leftists” as U.S. Military Attache sources indicate.

2. In view heavy U.S. involvement in helping restore stable economy as basis for orderly social and political development, we are anxious to take whatever steps might be helpful and appropriate to avert serious political and [Page 2] social deterioration that counter-terror campaign likely produce. Regardless actual involvement Pres. Balaguer or other high GODR officials in sponsoring or condoning such campaign, GOVT would be held responsible in eyes Dominican people and in eyes of world, particularly should Bosch or Pena Gomez be among its victims.

3. In light of foregoing, we would appreciate your judgment on usefulness of approach by yourself to President Balaguer, and/or by members your staff to other high GODR officials, expressing concern over mounting violence and dangers that official counter-terrorism campaign would reverse economic and political progress of past several years.

  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Central Files 1970–73, POL 23–8 DOM REP. Secret. Drafted on July 8 by Warner (ARA/CAR); cleared by Broderick (ARA/CAR); and approved by Hurwitch.
  2. In the wake of escalating anti-left violence, Deputy Assistant Secretary Hurwitch expressed the Department of State’s concern that the Government of the Dominican Republic might be implicated. Hurwitch requested the Ambassador’s judgment on the usefulness of approaching President Balaguer or other high-level Dominican officials to express concern over the mounting violence and dangers that the official counter-terrorism campaign could reverse economic and political progress.