274. Central Intelligence Agency Information Cable TDCS–314/00645–701 2

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  • Dominican Republic


  • 15 January 1970


  • Plans of Dominican Popular Movement (MPD) Following the Arrest of MPD Secretary General Maximiliano Gomez Horacio


  • [text not declassified]


  • See Paragraphs 2 and 4 below.

1. Field comment: [text not declassified] TDCS–314/00578–70

Reported the arrest of Maximiliano Gomez Horacio, Secretary General of the Dominican Popular Movement, on 14 January 1970. On 17 January the Santo Domingo morning paper “El Caribe” reported that the National Police intend to charge Gomez with the crimes of having killed a member of the Dominican Army, of having wounded a captain of the Dominican National Police and of being sought by police for having violated the conditions of his bail in 1968. Further that Gomez will be detained in the jail at the National Police palace.

2. [text not declassified]

3. On 17 January [text not declassified] reported that [text not declassified] [Page 2] the leadership of the MPD had given [text not declassified] orders to have the militant members of the party in Villa Consuelo ready to act in case Maximiliano Gomez does not gain freedom under a habeas corpus which was then being prepared in his behalf by his lawyers. Further, if Gomez is not released from police custody, then the MPD plans to kidnap an official of the American Embassy in Santo Domingo in order to hold him as hostage to insure the release of Gomez, in an action, [text not declassified] similar to that taken by Brazilian communists in the kidnapping of the US Ambassador to Brazil. (Field comment: Villa Consuelo is the working class barrio closest to the American Embassy with an MPD organization.)

4. [text not declassified]

5. On 15 January 1970, a meeting was held among three high level [Page 3] members of the MPD in the town of San Pedro de Macoris. The topic of the meeting was the recent arrest of MPD leader, Maximiliano Gomez Horacio (El Moreno). During the meeting, one of the leaders said that the MPD had a commando formed in the ranks of the military forces stationed in Santo Domingo. In addition to the commando, some other military personnel in the city are personal admirers of “El Moreno.” ([text not declassified] Comment: The MPD nay have several members among the military and police, however, no sizeable support among those commands has been reported [text not declassified].)

6. A plan was discussed at the meeting which calls for the cooperation of all leftist parties in the country to assist in the escape of “El Moreno” from prison. The MPD leader said that a series of bombings and other terrorist acts would be instigated for the purpose of creating general disorder in the city of Santo Domingo. These terrorist acts will serve to cause a diversion during which time “El Moreno” will be aided in escaping from prison by members of the military commando who have access to the prison. ([text not declassified] Comment: Although no specific time was mentioned, the escape could take place on 17 January 1970.)

7. [text not declassified]

  1. Source: National Archives, Nixon Presidential Materials, NSC Files, Box 783, Country Files, Latin America, Dominican Republic, Vol. I. Secret; No Foreign Dissem; Field Dissem: State, Army, Navy, Air Force. An advance copy was transmitted to the White House, Department of State, DIA, Army, Navy, Air Force, Joint Chiefs of Staff, NIC, NSA, OCI, and FBI.
  2. CIA reported that, if the Dominican National Police did not release Dominican Popular Movement (MPD) Secretary General Maximiliano Gómez Horacio, the MPD would kidnap a U.S. Embassy official as collateral to ensure Gómez’s release.