187. Memorandum for the Record1 2

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  • Meeting at Department of State, 1500–1645 Hours, 6 May 1971


  • Mr. John H. Crimmins
  • Mr. Robert A. Hurwitch
  • Mr. James R. Gardner
  • Mr. Charles A. Meyer (for portion)
  • Mr. William V. Broe
    Mr. James E. Flannery

1. Costa Rica

a. Mr. Broe said that, as he reads the situation now, President Figueres is just as determined as ever to deal with the Soviets, but he has slowed down his pace in developing the relationship and is being more circumspect in the process. [text not declassified] At the same time, Figueres continues some of his gamesmanship such as in the case of the Miami Herald story which indicated that Secretary of State Rogers had sought out Figueres for a meeting during the OAS conference to make peace.

b. All in all, Mr. Broe said he now thought we know what we have with Figueres, but wondered if Mr. Meyer (or Secretary Rogers perhaps) got any further read-out on Figueres during the OAS conference in Costa Rica. Both Messrs. Crimmins and Hurwitch said that there had not been anything special or out of the ordinary come up with Figueres that would add to the present picture.

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[Omitted here is discussion unrelated to Costa Rica.]

Ralph K. Sliffman
  1. Source: Department of State, INR/IL Files, Latin America General, 1971–72. Secret. A copy was sent to Herbert F. Keppand.
  2. In a weekly meeting, William Broe indicated that President Figueres continued to deal with the Soviets.