161. Letter From President Nixon to President Lleras Restrepo of Colombia1 2

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Dear Mr. President:

Your letter of April 14 giving me your views on Colombian coffee policy and the enclosed memorandum on Colombian and Brazilian policy recommendations at the last meeting of the International Coffee Organization were most interesting.

I do realize the importance of coffee earnings to Colombia and other Latin American producers. This underlines the importance of cooperation between producing and consuming nations, in order to protect the viability of the International Coffee Agreement.

The rise in composite coffee prices by some 47 percent during the past year complicates our efforts to obtain Congressional support for the International Coffee Agreement. This is particularly important at this time, when Congress has under consideration the extension of our implementing legislation which expires September 30.

Considering the importance of the Agreement to both producing and consuming nations, I hope that our two countries can cooperate at the next Coffee Council meeting to insure stability of coffee prices at reasonable levels.

With my cordial personal regards.


Richard Nixon
  1. Source: National Archives, RG 59, Lot 72 D 320: Presidential and Secretary of State Correspondence with Heads of State, 1969–1971. No classification marking. Lleras Restrepo’s April 14 letter is ibid.
  2. President Nixon told President Lleras Restrepo that a 47 percent increase in coffee prices complicated efforts to obtain congressional support for the International Coffee Agreement.